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Best Weight spring scales feature heavy gauge steel construction  Fine edge red indicator to allow

Best weight mechanical spring scales with durable aluminum dial Rust resistant with slated dial for easy reading Temperature compensated springs for greatest accuracy Capacity x precision 5 lb x 1 2 oz 9 x 9 platform Best Weight spring scales feature heavy gauge steel construction No sharp corners or edges Reinforced platform with double supports to prevent distortion or breaking Rust-resistant undercoating inside and out with a baked enamel hammertone finish Fine edge red indicator to allow accurate reading without parallax error Slanted dial face to allow easy reading without stooping or bending Large numbers on aluminum dial for fast easy reading Temperature compensated spring mechanism to allow the greatest accuracy possible with any temperature variation Precision machined fine-toothed rack and pinion to allow continuous heavy production use with repetitive accuracy Durable Aluminum dial outlasts all plastic dials-readings clear from distortions Dual spring mechanism for longer endurance All scales will detect a weight differential equal to of their smallest graduation Clearly marked graduations Style Model Platform Size Capacity Price Standard Models B-2 9 x 9 32 oz x 1 8 oz 94 95 B-5 9 x 9 5 lbs x oz 94 95 B-10 9 x 9 10 lbs x 1 oz 94 95 B-20 9 x 9 20 lbs x 1 oz 94 95 B-40 9 x 9 40 lbs x 2 oz 99 95 Heavy-Duty Models B-50 9 x 9 50 lbs x 2 oz 108 95 B-70 10 x 10 70 lbs x 4 oz 149 95 BL-100 13 x 13 100 lbs x 4 oz 199 95 BL-200 16 x 16 200 lbs x 8 oz 249 95

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